Chris Korczak, Bookseller

We are happy to announce Catalogue 1, "The Book of Many Things."  Here you will find an eclectic catalogue of RPG material.  We hope you like it.

I have been selling online for over a decade.  Being a lover of music, I first entered the business world by dealing in CDs. The writing was on the wall with CDs, and I transitioned over to the antiquarian book trade, finding my real interests there.

As time went on, my roots began to show, and I picked up a specialization in role playing games, which I continue to this day.  

I am based out of Easthampton, MA, and have been operating since 2005. 

I also buy and trade - please feel free to contact me about that.

You can also view some of our stock on Amazon, eBay, and AbeBooks, but you will find the most complete list of our books here.  

Please email me at with any questions.